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Aromatherapy and Bath Method of Eco-friendly Essential Oil Diffuser

Ⅰ. Eco-friendly Essential Oil Diffuser Application

1. Rose and Oud Diffuser, 1-6 Drops

Method: First of all, we need to prepare a rose and oud diffuser. Then add about 50% volume of warm water to the incense burner, drip the essential oil, and light the candles or turn on the power to keep the water temperature.

Function: Fresh the air, kill harmful germs, eliminate peculiar smells and calm down irritability.

Note: Ceramic and glass are the best materials for rose and oud diffuser. The surface of the bowl containing the essential oil must be free of pores to facilitate cleaning and the replacement of the essential oil.

2. Light Bulb or Heating System, 1-2 Drops

Method: Drop the eco-friendly essential oil on a clean absorbent cotton sheet and then place it on the light bulb or the heat sink of the heating system.

Function: Fresh the air, eliminate peculiar smells, soothe the nerves and calm down the mood.

Note: eco-friendly essential oil diffusers are flammable and some even can corrode metals. Therefore, eco-friendly essential oils should not be directly dripped on the bulb or the heating system.

3. Facial Tissue or Handkerchief, 1 Drop

Method: Drip eco-friendly aromatherapy oil on clean handkerchiefs or facial tissues. Inhale the smell through the nose when needed.

Function: Eco friendly essential oil diffser is especially suitable for people on the road. It can refresh oneself, resist fatigue, soothe irritable emotions, and get rid of mosquito bites.

4. Inhale Steam, 2-3 Drops

Method: Pour hot water into the bowl and drip in an eco-friendly oil diffuser Wrap your head and bowl with a towel and keep your face about 25 cm from the surface of the water. Close your eyes, then inhale deeply through your nose for at least 5 minutes.

Function: Grooming, preventing, and treating colds. Effectively relieve throat pain, cough, sinusitis, and other respiratory symptoms. It also has a certain effect on migraine headaches.

Note: For patients with asthma, hay fever, or other allergic diseases, it is best to inhale eco-friendly aromatherapy oil for 30 seconds for the first time. Inhale at intervals of several hours when no adverse reactions occur.

5. Sprayer or Other Spraying Equipment, 5%-10% Concentration

Method: Take the appropriate amount of clean water (distilled water is best). Prepare spray liquid according to the proportion, and spray it on the air, curtains, walls, and floor after shaking vigorously.

Function: eco friendly diffuser provided by an aroma diffuser manufacturer can be used to remove insects, repel mosquitoes, sterilize and disinfect, especially suitable for infectious diseases.

Note: Eco-friendly aromatherapy oil will not mix well with water. It must be shaken vigorously, and shaken again after 1 or 2 sprays. The proportion of eco-friendly aromatherapy oil in the spray is not very important.

The concentration is usually 5% and can reach 10% during the epidemic. The spraying device is preferably ceramic or glass. The spray must be used up on the same day, and those that are not used up must be discarded.

Ⅱ. The Bath Method of Eco-friendly Oil Diffuser

Bathing is an important way of using an essential oil, and some aromatherapy books call it hydrotherapy.

1. Take a Bath, 1-6 Drops

Method: Turn on the faucet, put in the bath water, drip in eco-friendly aromatherapy oil, and close the bathroom door. Soak in the water for at least 10 minutes, and inhale the aromatic vapor deeply.

Function: Detox, reduce stress, relieve muscle pain, soothe the nerves, relax the body and mind, and beautify the skin.

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Aromatherapy and Bath Method of Eco-friendly Essential Oil Diffuser
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