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About Aromatherapy Machines

Aromatherapy is a moisturizing and silent way to improve immunity and change the environment, which can directly affect and improve our respiratory system, emotional system and help improve sleep. Aromatic molecules can directly act on the respiratory system through respiration; aromatic molecules are very small, and can directly pass through the blood-brain barrier through the nose to reach the limbic system of the brain and activate the amygdala; through the respiratory system, aromatic molecules can also enter the systemic circulation to play a role, and can be quickly metabolized, so as to subtly protect the health of the body, and there are no side effects at all.

Ⅰ. Can a humidifier be used instead of an electric scent diffuser?

This is a question often asked by small partners. For desk humidifiers, especially humidifiers with generally cheap materials, they can never be used to replace aromatherapy machines. The reasons are mainly in the following aspects.

1. Different materials

Aromatherapy machine: Since most of the pure plant essential oils are acidic, they are easy to cause certain corrosiveness to ordinary plastic containers. Therefore, most of the aromatherapy machines use PP materials, and the chips, chip spoons, and atomizing tablets of the aroma machine are specially developed for essential oils, which are resistant to oil, water, and chemical corrosion. Therefore, dripping the essential oil into the aromatherapy machine can more thoroughly use every drop of aromatherapy essence, and very quickly distribute the extremely delicate aroma molecules to every corner, which is safe and secure to use.

Humidifier: A typical humidifier typically incorporates a water tank made of ABS or AS plastic materials. However, water is the primary medium used, making it susceptible to essential oil corrosion. Long-term usage can lead to tank corrosion, eventually causing ruptures. Additionally, toxic gases can be emitted into the atmosphere during the process, posing a threat to one's health.

2. Different functions

Aromatherapy machine: Ultrasonic sustainable aromatherapy machine is specially designed for essential oil users, and the cavity can be filled with pure plant essential oil and pure water. After adding essential oils, it can not only increase the air humidity, but also emit aroma molecules. Depending on the composition of the essential oil, it can play a different role.

Humidifier: The main function of the humidifier is to humidify, only water can be added, and some product structures have limitations on the water quality requirements due to the design of the water level.

3. Different water cavity designs

Aromatherapy machine: The electric scent diffuser for essential oils is specially designed for essential oil users. The research and development of each product adheres to a user-friendly and friendly user interface, so that users have a good experience in the use, cleaning and maintenance of products, especially water. The cavity structure design is simple, which greatly facilitates the user to clean and maintain; the slim water tank capacity design keeps the fragrance concentration uniform from beginning to end.

Humidifier: The humidifier basically has the design of the water replenishment tank. The internal design of the water cavity is complex, and it is easy to produce scale after long-term use, which is difficult to clean.

4. Different atomization ability

Aroma Diffuser: Electric aroma diffuser uses advanced atomization module and international patented air duct design, constant temperature mist control circuit setting, so that each aroma diffuser can produce a consistent and light fragrance mist , to ensure that the fragrance mist particles are fine and uniform, and stay in the air for a long time, so that the human body can absorb each essential oil molecule better and more fully.

Humidifier: The humidifier takes humidification as the main or only function, usually using a large diameter atomizing sheet with a diameter of 20-25 mm. The particles generated are large and heavy, and the fog volume is thick. Water mist particles stay in the air for a short time and do not travel far.

5. Different vibration techniques

Aromatherapy machine: The ultrasonic vibration technology adopted by the aromatherapy machine can atomize water molecules to the nanometer level, which can effectively disperse the aromatherapy essential oil into the air, so that we can bathe in the fragrant air.

Humidifier: The ultrasonic vibration power of the desk humidifier is insufficient, and the aromatherapy essential oil cannot be decomposed and released. It is possible to store some essential oils on the wall of the water tank and waste essential oils.

6. Different cleaning methods

Aromatherapy machine: The water tank of the aromatherapy machine has been treated with a special treatment process, which is very convenient to use and clean.

Humidifier: Because the material of ordinary humidifier is relatively general, it is easy to produce dirt after use, and the cleaning solution is difficult to clean. The atomizing chip may also clog and age.

Ⅱ. How many drops of the essential oil of the electric scent diffuser are poured at a time? How much area can it cover?

Generally, 3~6 drops of essential oil are used, which can cover an area of 10-20 square meters, which is the size of a room. In special circumstances, you can increase the amount of essential oils used. For example, when the newly renovated house needs to remove formaldehyde, you can use 8 drops of purifying and refreshing essential oils to incense.

Each room should have a different atmosphere, as the living room should be fresh and bright, and the bedroom should be warm and calm. Therefore, it is very recommended to have an electric scent diffuser in the main room, as well as the bathroom because the bathroom is a place to make a fortune in Feng Shui, and there should be flowers, fragrance, and water.

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