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Emma-M8RT Glass Waterless Essential Oil Nebuliser With Light

Emma-M8RT Glass Waterless Essential Oil Nebuliser With Light

Emma-Glass Waterless Essential Oil Nebuliser With Light

Featuring an array of functions, Emma allows you to customise your environment and delight your senses through lighting, fragrance and sounds. Her ultrasonic diffusing capabilities will ensure the scent of your favourite Essential Oil fills the air.

Features of Emma-Glass Waterless  Essential Oil Nebuliser With Light

  • Functionality

    Emma's nebuliser integrates an aromatherapy diffuser and night lamp in one.

  • Waterless and Easy to Handle

    Just put 10-20 drops of essential oil in the glass reservoir, it uses airflow to blow the fragrance into the air. The mist function works on a cycle of 1 minute ON and 2 minutes OFF mode and will stop automatically after 2 hours of use.

  • Soothing Ambient Light

    Emma also features as a night lamp, providing warm and comfortable yellow light in three switches: brighter, weaker and breathing light. The breathing mode is the ideal companion to meditation and yoga.

  • Unity of Minimalist Design and Natural Material

    Made of hevea wood and handmade ceramic, this modern and exquisite nebulizer is a perfect fit for your home.

Specifications of Emma-Glass Waterless  Essential Oil Nebuliser With Light

Function duration2 hours-1 min/2min
Power adapter(Input)100-240V-50Hz
Power adapter(Output)15V/0.5A
Output power12W
Diffusing space20-25m2
LED LightWarm yellow
Product Size103*103*163mm 






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Emma-Glass Waterless  Essential Oil Nebuliser With Light
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