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How many drops of essential oil should i add to my diffuser?

If you are trying out an oil that’s new for you, we advise starting out with 5-7 drops per 200ml water.

From there on you can choose to add more or less next time. It’s all up to personal preference and every single oil is different (some are stronger and require fewer drops than others).

1ml oil contains 10-15 drops, depending on the thickness of the oil.

To make the math a bit easier we always say it’s 10 drops.

So 1 drop = 0.1ml.

Can i use the oils internally?

We do not recommend it. Pure essential oils are an extremely concentrated and powerful product from nature.

How do i clean my diffuser?

Carefully pour out any remaining water from the water tank (make sure the air outlet is pointing towards the ceiling). Using a cotton pad, clean the inside of the water tank with lukewarm water. In the water tank you’ll find a little circle, this is the sensor. Clean the sensor carefully with a q-tip.

Are you using your diffuser daily?

Then we recommend you clean it at least once every week.

Can i use the diffuser without any oils?

Just water?Yes, you can!

If you wish to use the diffuser as a humidifier, you can just add water.

The essential oils are for scent and aromatherapy.

Does the diffuser need to be plugged in or does it have a battery?

It depends on the diffusers you used. Normally our need to be plugged in in order to work, they all come with a 1.85m cord. We also offer USB powered diffuser, they come with the cable only, please check the details page.

Does the diffuser automatically turn off when it runs out of water?

Yes. When it runs out it turns off automatically.

Does the diffuser produce cold or warm mist?

Cold. The cold water turns into mist by means of high frequency vibrations, causing a cold mist. So no hot steam!

Can i use essential oils around pets?

You should never use pure essential oils directly on your pet (don’t apply it to their skin and don’t feed it to them), but it’s completely safe to use an aroma diffuser around them.

However, you should know that animals have a different sense of smell than we do. Cats hate the scent of citrus, cinnamon and tea tree. If you should choose to use these oils in your house, make sure your cat has the opportunity to leave the room on its own accord. The oils are not damaging or dangerous for cats, but they simply don’t like the smell.

As the owner of your pet, you should be able to tell if your pet dislikes a certain scent by looking at this behavior and body language. Please respect your pet and don’t use a certain oil they don’t like when they’re in the room. By using essential oils in the correct way, it can benefit your pet as well as you.

What is my recommended dosage?

The best-recommended dose requires attention to the effects on the body. If strong effects desired, increase gradually. You cannot overdose, but begin your experience with discretion.

What accessories are included in a diffuser?

Every diffuser is packaged with user manuals for instructions and an adaptor.

When and how do i clean my essential oil diffuser?

We recommend cleaning your essential oil diffuser frequently, especially when you change your selection of essential oils. Regular cleaning is important to maintain the life of your unit. To avoid buildup, please do not let water or oil inside the unit when not in use. Over time, water, mineral or oil buildup on the vibrating disk can decrease the effectiveness of your ultrasonic diffuser. A good way to remove possible buildup is to mix ¼ cup of white vinegar with warm water. Let it soak inside the water well for 3 hours. Do not turn the unit on while soaking. After 3 hours, dump out the water and use a cotton swab to gently wipe away any loose buildup from the vibrating disk. Do not push hard on the disk. Rinse the unit out and fill with clean cool water.

My diffuser is not misting at all

Make sure it is properly plugged in. If it's plugged in, and neither the lights nor mist will turn on, make sure there is power coming from your source. A possible cause may be mineral or oil buildup, causing the unit to have difficulty misting. Please proceed with cleaning your aromatherapy diffuser immediately.

What materials are used to make the aromatherapy diffusers?

We use quality and secure materials for all our diffusers. We have ceramic aroma diffuser, glass aroma diffuser, light wood diffuser and so on. They separately feature handmade ceramic, glass covers and natural solid wood base.  We can also provide bamboo glass difusser that is popular among young people. And the inner water tank is made of BPA-free PP material.

What does BPA-free mean?

BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, a chemical used to produce plastic products. Unfortunately, it's been reported that BPA can leach from containers into liquids (and foods) and pose a potential health risk. Naturally, we choose not to use any in our wholesale aromatherapy diffusers and guarantee all of them are BPA-free.

FAQ About Aroma Diffuser Wholesale

MOZZIN have been an expertise for aroma diffusers for many years. At MOZZIN, we customize diffusers with natural materials such as wood, porcelain, glass, marble and Aluminum.

Are your diffusers BPA free and Healthy for my customers?

BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, a chemical used to produce plastic products. Unfortunately, it's been reported that BPA can leach from containers into liquids(and foods) and pose a potential health risk. Naturally, we choose not to use any in our wholesale aromatherapy diffusers and guarantee all of them are BPA-free.

Are consumers in my country going to buy it ?

Now, using essential oils in daily life is very popular in the world, so essential oil diffuser wholesale could be a good idea. Most of our customers imported aroma diffuser sold great and their consumers like our aroma diffuser.

How long does it typically take to get the products?

Depending on if you would like to customize your essential oil diffuser or not, and is also dependent upon the speed of clearance and logistics, but we can guarantee to send the Conventional sample of aroma diffuser in 3-7 working days. Trial order within 30 working days; Bulk order: 45 working days.
All the aroma diffuser that we made are popular, but not all markets are the same. For example, some Europe customers love the ceramic wood diffuser. So if you are considering buying them, it is best to ask our experienced advisers.

Does your diffusers heat water?

Water dose not heat inside, but it will become hot after several hours of use. Factors influencing the temperature of the water include the ambient temperature, the heat of the water placed in the unit, and the electrical current flowing through the unit. It is quite normal that water temperatures rise over time. Particularly if it went on all day. Water should be no more than 30 to 40℃.

Are there any benefits for essential oil diffuser wholesale from China?

The short answer is that China has a better industrial chain. Maybe there are some wholesalers of aroma diffuser in Vietnam, Malaysia and India,
but MOZZIN can guarantee that our prices can be same as their prices, and our service goes far beyond your expectations.

Is it safe for pets and children?

Since there is no heat sources, the diffuser is safe for children and pets. They are just filled with cold tap water and a few drops of essential oils. They can also be left safe because all diffusers have an automatic shut-off function

I am concerned that my diffuser will cause dampness in my home.

Aroma diffusers do not use a heat source, so no condensation is generated from the appliance. The mist that comes from the diffuser is usually mistaken for steam, you can guarantee your client that the diffuser will not cause dampness.

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