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Aroma Diffuser: A Necessary Product for a Healthy Life

The aroma diffuser not only has the functions of humidification and aromatherapy, but also has artistic features. The working principle of the aromatherapy machine is to decompose water molecules and dissolved plant essential oils into nanometer cold mist with a diameter of 0.1-5 microns, and disperse it in the surrounding air through high-frequency oscillation generated by the ultrasonic vibration device, making the air full of fragrance. According to different essential oils, different environmental effects can be achieved, and human health can be improved through the respiratory system.

The rose and oud diffuser takes advantage of the unique charm of perfume and extends the communication from sight to smell to a deeper level. In some commercial spaces, aroma diffusers are used to atomize the aroma to optimize the environment, thereby improving the emotional state of customers, making customers feel relaxed in moody environments, awakening memories, and achieving the effect of aroma.

Ⅰ. The electric aroma diffuser can improve the environment

1. Humidification

In dry climates, spaces and air-conditioned environments, the rose aroma diffuser atomizes water to increase the water molecules in the air to achieve humidification. For example, after indoor heating in winter, the air is dry, and people will experience dry lips, dry throat, dry mouth, dry skin, dry skin, nosebleeds and other "heat dry" symptoms, which can be resolved by: in the room on the aromatherapy machine.

2. Aroma

The aromatherapy machine can effectively improve the indoor air environment by atomizing aromatic essential oils and mixing them with water molecules, and endow people with the taste and habits of the air through the aroma of different essential oils.

Ⅱ. Personal care of electric aroma diffuser

1. The efficacy of a single essential oil

The electric aroma diffuser atomizes essential oils to achieve the purpose of improving certain needs of the human body through the respiratory tract. For example, adding lavender essential oil can help sleep and improve sleep. Nebulizing sweet orange essential oil can improve the healing of the human respiratory tract. The aromatherapy machine uses a variety of methods to atomize water and pure plant essential oils, and generates a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions to purify the air and achieve the effect of aromatherapy at the same time.

2. Use compound essential oils

Different essential oils have different effects, and certain symptoms of the human body can be improved and cared for by formulating different essential oils. An aromatherapy machine can heal the human body's respiratory tract by nebulizing the air with essential oils. It can help treat and alleviate diseases such as flu, high blood pressure, and bronchitis, and protect the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and human metabolism.

3. Home art

At present, the rose aromatherapy machine has broken through its function in the design, and compared with other functional devices, the use of various shapes and materials is more artistic. It can be used as an office, exhibition hall and home display display products.

Aromatherapy is an art of fashion, culture, nature and health! It is the inheritance of history, the pursuit of natural culture and the pursuit of ecological health. At the same time, aromatherapy is a way to pursue spiritual culture in the pursuit of taste and pure natural life.

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Aroma Diffuser: A Necessary Product for a Healthy Life
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