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Rose Essential Oil is the World's Most Valuable Advanced Concentrated Essence

Rose oil essential oil is the most expensive essential oil in the world and is known as "after essential oil". Can adjust the female endocrine, nourish the uterus, relieve dysmenorrhea, improve sex apathy and menopause discomfort. In particular, it has a very good beauty and skin care function, which can nourish and fade spots inside and outside, promote melanin decomposition, improve dry skin, restore skin elasticity, so that women have white, healthy skin full of elasticity, is suitable for women's health care fragrant essential oil.

1. Rose oil essential oil is a fine essential oil, is an important and expensive raw material for the manufacture of advanced and expensive perfume

Rose oil essential oil is not only used to make beauty, skin care, hair care and other cosmetics, but also widely used in medicine and food. Roses are bright and beautiful, which is why they have always been praised throughout history. About four thousand years ago, florists grew the first rose from a common rose. Ancient doctors used rose water for nervous exhaustion, rose incense for lung disease, and rose juice for heart and kidney disease.

Rose oil is the basic medicinal ingredient of rose. It can stimulate and coordinate the human immune and nervous system, while helping to improve the secretion of endocrine glands, remove organ sclerosis, repair cells. Rose oil helps improve digestive tract function. Rose oil is rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene, b vitamins and vitamin k, which promotes blood clotting.

2. Whitening effect of scented rose oil

People call rose oil the "queen of essential oils". The good whitening effect of scented rose oil depends on the three main characteristics of the essential oil: super permeability, perfect absorption rate and 100% safety. Rose oil essential oil is the only essential oil that can penetrate deep into the skin and human body without leaving any natural maintenance elements. It is an aromatic liquid substance that extracts the flowers, leaves, seeds and other parts of natural plants. The molecular structure of essential oil is small, more acceptable to the skin, the absorption rate is nearly perfect, the most important thing is natural, pure, no side effects.

Essential oil penetrates dermis and subcutaneous tissue for 3-5 seconds; 5-8 minutes into the blood and lymphatic system of the human body 4-12 hours around the body, carrying toxins free discharge from the body. Whitening method of scented rose oil: Wash your face with cleanser, spray a small amount of hydrosol on your face, and gently pat with your fingers until absorbed. Using a straw in an oil bottle, apply two drops to the whole face or affected area. Massage the finger circle for 10 minutes until it is completely absorbed.

The beauty benefits of roses are well known, especially for dry, sensitive, and aging skin. It can enhance the skin immune function, improve the skin natural moisturizing system ability; It can enhance the activity of elastic fiber and collagen fiber. Soothing, sedative, anti-inflammatory, gradually conditioning and convergence of microvascular, has a certain effect on the cheeks caused by microvascular dilatation redness; It can effectively regulate the balance of endocrine system, dilute spots within and outside, promote the decomposition and metabolism of melanin, so that women have white, healthy skin full of elasticity.

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Rose Essential Oil is the World's Most Valuable Advanced Concentrated Essence
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