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Little Facts About the Aromatherapy Machine

1. Is it important to use a light aroma diffuser for aromatherapy? Is it better than smearing and internal use?

Absolutely, aromatherapy is very important!

Through delivering essential oils to our human body in the form of odor by a mini electric diffuser, aromatherapy improves human immunity insensibly, change the environment, directly affecting and improving our respiratory system, emotional system and helping improve sleep.

We all know that there are three ways to use essential oil: aromatherapy, smearing, and internal use. Some people feel it is more direct and effective to apply the essential oil to the body or eat it in. In fact, aromatherapy  is the most stable way to improve the immune system.

For example, sweet orange essential oil aromatherapy uses a light aroma diffuser to convert essential oil into aromatic molecules, which can directly act on the respiratory system through breathing. The aromatic molecules are very small and can be sniffed directly through the nasal cavity and reach the brain limbic system by penetrating the blood-brain barrier to activate the amygdala. Aromatic molecules through the respiratory system can also enter the systemic circulation to play a role, and be quickly metabolized, so as to care for the health of the body insensibly without side effects.

However, respiratory system and emotional system problems are not local problems of the body, but holistic or chronic problems, which require continuous and overall adjustment. Rhinitis can not be cured only through a wipe and emotion can not be activated only through smelling the odor. Sleep adjustment requires time and space. Nothing can be done overnight. If you want to develop a good physical and mental state through aromatherapy, it can be done only through a long-term use of a glass nebulizing diffuser with eco friendly aromatherapy oil.

2. Can children and small animals use the light aroma diffuser?

The aroma molecules of eco friendly aromatherapy oils from nature are necessary for every family. As long as ensuring the use of safe, pure and effective essential oil, it is encouraged for everyone to incense in the family, which will have a good purifying effect on the delicate lung breathing of the children.

For young babies, you can use mild essential oil that is safe for babies, such as lavender, Roman chamomile, wild indicum an so on and appropriately reduce the concentration of aroma through a light aroma diffuser.

Small animals are also our family members, and they also face the same problems as us, such as respiratory or emotional problems. For small animals, incense is also safe and beneficial.

However, some small animals, such as cats, do not like the aroma of certain essential oils, because some small animals are relatively sensitive to smell and animals have individual differences just like humans. So you can try a few more eco friendly aromatherapy oil with eco friendly oil diffuser to find the taste that small animals like. Start with a small amount of aromatherapy.

If you don't want the concentration of essential oils in the room to be too high, apart from reducing the amount of essential oils used, you can also use a light aroma diffuser. And you can also open windows for ventilation during aromatherapy. Incense does not need a confined space. In a ventilated state, bursts of fragrance strikes with fresh air and pleasant fragrance. How beautiful the life is!

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Little Facts About the Aromatherapy Machine
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