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Introduction to Features and Usage Methods of Aromatherapy Machines

Fragrance diffusers emit different fragrances with different effects depending on the essential oil used. Some fragrances may help people relax, while others may stimulate the mind, directly affecting people's emotions through different gases. Of course, the LED essential oil diffuser has more features than just this, and interested readers can read on to learn how to use aroma oil diffusers.

Characteristics of Aroma Oil Diffusers

Home aroma oil diffusers use the unique appeal of fragrances to extend communication from visual and auditory senses to olfactory senses, reaching deeper levels. By optimizing the environment with fragrances, customers can fully experience warm and thoughtful services, increasing customer satisfaction and positive impressions, applying to various places such as family, hotel rooms, lobbies, hallways, and guest rooms.

  • High-frequency electronic oscillation produced by ultrasonic vibration devices decomposes water molecules into nano-level cold mist with diameters between 0.1-5 microns.

  • Produces large quantities of active oxygen negative ions that react strongly with harmful gas molecules in the air, comprehensively eliminating and preventing the harm of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC, and others.

  • Aroma oil diffusers are more effective when paired with lavender and tea tree essential oils. The cold mist generated by ultrasonic vibrations can diffuse and maintain the active ingredients of essential oils 100%, making it easier for the body to fully absorb and produce great benefits. You can feel the original scent effect in just 2 seconds, which completely differs from traditional heating or combustion-type hot mist methods. Its cold mist technology does not damage any components of essential oils and does not produce secondary pollution, making it safer to use.

  • The volume is small with a water capacity of about 100ml-500ml. It only needs to add 3-5 drops of essential oil to the water to achieve aromatherapy, which is suitable and economical for using precious essential oils. On the contrary, the volume capacity of humidifiers is mostly over 1L.

  • The corrosion resistance of the materials used for ordinary humidifiers is not sufficient, which makes it easy to have quality issues when used as an essential oil diffuser.

How to Use Aroma Oil Diffusers

First, plug in the adapter of the aroma oil diffuser, open the top cover, add an appropriate amount of water and a few drops of essential oil to the water tank, close the top cover, and then start spraying. If you want to turn on the lights, click on the "Light" button. You can also choose to fix your favorite light color (if the essential oil diffuser has light function). It is suitable for public places such as offices, shops, beauty salons, hotels, pet shops, as well as for personal homes such as bedrooms, studies, and living rooms. It is also the best gift for friends and newlyweds.

Mozzin Limited is a design-oriented aroma diffuser manufacturer. Since its establishment, we have been reviewing and developing fragrance products. By serving global customers, we provide certified distributors recognized by laboratories and have passed certifications for each region (EU, SAA, RMC, FCC) respective standards. We draw inspiration from the primitive nature of daily objects and produce different types of diffusers from the most basic elements and concepts. We focus on the practical aspects and basic elements of the object, help customers transform their concepts into real products with good functionality and aesthetic balance. Welcome to consult with us online!

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Introduction to Features and Usage Methods of Aromatherapy Machines
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