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The Role of the Humidifier and 4 Kinds of Benefits Must Be Known!

The ultrasonic air aroma humidifier is a household appliance that increases the humidity in the room. A humidifier can humidify a designated room. So, do you know what are the functions of a humidifier? If you don't know, look at the introduction below. Within the appropriate humidity range: the human body's physiology and thinking are in good condition, and both work and rest have good effects. Healthy humidity both inhibits the growth and spread of germs and boosts immunity.

1. Matters needing attention in the use of ultrasonic air aroma humidifier

When using the ultrasonic air aroma humidifier for the first time, it should be placed at room temperature for half an hour before starting to use; the ambient temperature is 10-40 degrees lower; use clean water with a temperature lower than 40 degrees; keep away from other home appliances when the machine is working; do not join Additives from non-professional production lines or supervised production; do not place the humidifier on a hollow object to avoid resonant noise. Do not turn on the aromatherapy lamp in an anhydrous state. The humidifier can not only improve the air humidity, but also help to purify the air. If it is aromatherapy, you can also add a variety of essential oils to help you improve your health and diseases, and maintain your body from the environment.

Ⅱ. The role of ultrasonic air aroma humidifier

1. Increase the humidity of the air

With the improvement of people's living standards, air conditioners are widely used, leading to air-conditioning diseases such as tight skin, dry mouth and tongue, cough and cold. During the atomization process, this product releases a large amount of negative oxygen ions, which can effectively increase indoor humidity and moisturize dry air. And combined with the smoke and dust floating in the air to make it precipitate, it can effectively remove the smell of paint, musty, smoke and odor, make the air fresher, and protect the health of you and your family.

2. Moisturize the skin and nourish the skin

Hot summer and abnormally dry winter lead to excessive loss of skin moisture and accelerate the aging of life. Only moist air can maintain vitality. Ultrasonic air aromatherapy humidifier products create a foggy oxygen bar to moisturize the skin and promote blood circulation in facial cells And metabolism, relieve nervous tension, eliminate fatigue, make you radiant.

3. Add auxiliary agent, aromatherapy therapy

Plant essential oils are added to the water, distributed with the water mist, and the room is full of fragrance, making it easier for the body to absorb. It has the effect of healing and rejuvenating, and has the effect of health care and physiotherapy, especially for skin allergies, insomnia, colds, coughs, and asthma, which is the best replacement choice for traditional aromatherapy products.

4. Fashion decoration, beautiful and practical

The lovely humidifier has a cute and fashionable shape, and the floating clouds are dreamlike, romantic and fairyland, which is enough to make people have extraordinary creative inspiration. Water shortage automatic protection, the amount of mist can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the humidity is automatically balanced. The noise circuit makes your machine more power-saving, quiet, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

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The Role of the Humidifier and 4 Kinds of Benefits Must Be Known!
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