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The Advantages and Use of Ultrasonic Air Aroma Humidifier

1. How about the ultrasonic air aroma humidifier?

The ultrasonic air aroma humidifier is easy to use and very popular. As long as 1-2 drops of essential oil are dropped into the water container in the ultrasonic air aroma humidifier, the fragrance can be sprayed out through water mist.

Ultrasonic air aroma humidifiers are mainly used in homes and offices. The material of the ultrasonic air aroma humidifier is made of high-quality PP material.

The ultrasonic air aroma humidifier has changed from a single space fragrance function to: fragrance and humidification. The working principle of the ultrasonic air aroma humidifier is to use the principle of high-frequency ultrasonic and high-frequency oscillation to atomize the aroma oil and diffuse it into the air, so as to realize the fragrance of the air, and to improve the air quality and help the physical and mental health of the fragrance equipment. The ultrasonic air aroma humidifier decomposes water molecules and dissolved plant essential oils into particles with a diameter of 0.1-5 microns and diffuses into the air, making the air full of fragrance.

2. What are the benefits of using an ultrasonic air aroma humidifier?

The ultrasonic air aroma humidifier uses various methods to atomize water and pure plant essential oils to maintain a high indoor humidity and generate a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions to purify the air; at the same time, the ultrasonic air aroma humidifier achieves the effect of aromatherapy , can assist in the treatment, treatment and relief of flu, high blood, blood pressure, bronchitis and other symptoms; ultrasonic air aroma humidifier also has a certain protective effect on the nervous system, cardiovascular system and human metabolism.

Winter is the peak period for the use of ultrasonic air aroma humidifiers. The use of heating will make the indoor air dry, and people are prone to chapped lips, dry throat, hoarseness, dry mouth and dry cough; dry skin, nose, bleeding, blood and other "heating dryness" symptom;

The volume of the ultrasonic air aroma humidifier is relatively small, and the water volume is about 50ml-1500ml. Just add a few drops of fragrance essential oil to the water to achieve the effect of aromatherapy in space, which is in line with the use effect of essential oil space aromatherapy, but once the machine is turned off , there is no fragrance, can not be lasting fragrance.

At present, the main functions of ultrasonic air aroma humidifiers are space fragrance and humidification. The basic functions of ultrasonic humidifiers with aromatherapy machines are to relieve pressure, purify air, and reduce radiation.

It's just that the ultrasonic air aroma humidifier is more troublesome to use. It is necessary to change the water and add water frequently, and clean the dirt every week, otherwise it is easy to block the air pump of the ultrasonic air aroma humidifier. Ultrasonic humidifiers with aroma diffusers are used in families, hotel rooms, small offices, etc.

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The Advantages and Use of Ultrasonic Air Aroma Humidifier
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