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Introduction to the Function Principle of Aromatherapy Machine:Exquisite Life Starts Now

For those who pursue high-quality life, ultrasonic air aroma humidifier is a good choice. It can not only fill the room with fragrance, but also increase the negative ions in the air, purify the air quality, and bring people a comfortable environment.

Ⅰ. The principle of ultrasonic aromatherapy essential oil diffuser

The operating principle of the ultrasonic aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is the same as that of the aromatherapy machine. The aromatherapy machine uses ultrasonic technology to atomize essential oils and water molecules to the nanometer level. The mist particles are evenly smaller, the moisturizing effect is more obvious, and the extremely delicate aromatherapy molecules are quickly distributed to every corner.

The difference is that the aromatherapy machine pays attention to the release of essential oils. Generally, adding one or two drops is enough to release for a while. Therefore, compared with an ultrasonic humidifier with aroma diffuser, the volume is smaller and the amount of mist is also less.

In addition, produced by professional air diffuser manufacturer, the internal materials of aroma diffusers and humidifiers that can add essential oils are resistant to long-term corrosion of essential oils, and most of them have special oil dripping positions.

Ⅱ. Can the ultrasonic humidifier with aroma diffuser drip essential oil aroma? what should I refer to?

1. Is it possible to ensure a delicate and soft fog?

2. Can the internal materials of the body allow the injection of essential oils;

3. Look directly at the manual to see if the aromatherapy function is mentioned.

The characteristic of the aroma diffuser is the essential oils. In addition to the quality of the aroma diffuser, the choice of essential oils is also important. A good ultrasonic air aroma humidifier brand will provide customers with essential oils with various functions.

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Introduction to the Function Principle of Aromatherapy Machine:Exquisite Life Starts Now
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