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Aromatherapy Machine Without Adding Water: Natural Diffuser, Let You Enter the Wonderland

Smell, always give people a unique memory point. The barista at the corner coffee shop smelled of strong coffee, the bookstore clerk had a slight ink smell on the fingertips, and the girl I met at the reception was Chanel No. 5 mixed with a hint of wine. If perfume is an invisible business card, then aromatherapy is an invisible sign of space. Only when one can identify the smell of one's own home can such a sense of belonging be the most reassuring. Therefore, for those who have a lot of work pressure and poor sleep quality, a good aromatherapy can really help you relieve fatigue. When it comes to aromatherapy, most people think of products such as spray aromatherapy, rattan aromatherapy, and scented candles.

The aroma diffuser without water has no moisture and no fog, intelligent diffuser, natural fragrance, long-lasting battery life, and can automatically diffuse fragrance with one key, no white fog, and no disturbing people. The aroma is soft and even, not pungent. When we get home from get off work, we snuggle comfortably on the sofa, surrounded by the natural fragrance, and our irritable and tired mood at work is slowly calmed down.

1. Immersive aroma experience with aroma diffuser without water

Most of the traditional aromatherapy machines use the method of spraying fragrance with water mist. Due to the large amount of water, it will increase the growth of microorganisms in a humid environment and cause a burden on the respiratory tract. Long-term water mist spraying can also easily cause mold on furniture and walls. The aroma diffuser without water can diffuse fragrance without adding water. The innovation uses diatomaceous earth as the base material for fragrance diffusion, drips the essential oil into the diatomaceous earth, turns on the switch to rotate, and creates a natural soft wind, thereby releasing the fragrance. There is no need to add water. After opening, the diatomaceous earth fragrant tablet at the bottom will rotate, and the fragrance will diffuse with the wind. The fragrance is long and soft, not as strong as some aromatherapy machines when they are turned on, and then the more they are used, the weaker they become. The fragrance is evenly and delicately mixed in the soft wind, softly as if a gust of wind is blowing from the sea of flowers, and the soft fragrance is like being in a flower field. No water mist, no moisture, no cleaning, safer to use, suitable for people with rhinitis, allergies and humid home environments.

2. The aroma diffuser without water is full of botanical fragrance and travels with a sense of smell

Fragrance type determines the personality and soul of aromatherapy. The aroma diffuser without water uses the plant essence from steam distillation. The fragrance is created by a well-known perfumer. Each fragrance is carefully selected, and the ratio is also adjusted hundreds of times. There is no pungent and uncomfortable chemical fragrance at all, and the fragrance is natural and comfortable, lingering faintly on the tip of the nose. The freshness of citrus and the calm wood tone are refreshing and can instantly take away troubles and stress. The ingenious combination of floral, herbal and woody notes is a simple and clean scent that soothes restless minds and has certain sleep aids.

3. The water-free aromatherapy machine intelligently diffuses fragrance, unlocking a variety of scenarios

A good electric aromatherapy machine is by no means the more intense it is. According to the olfactory habits of Chinese people, the intermittent fragrance diffuser mode is specially designed. Every 5 minutes of running, and 10 minutes of rest, let every breath be gentle and comfortable. There is only one button on the top of the whole machine. Press and hold for 3 seconds to start the aromatherapy machine. Press it again to switch the mode. It is very simple to operate. Put it on a desk, the gentle fragrance can best relieve your tense thoughts at work. Set up the living room and study room, go home from get off work and cuddle on the sofa, play with the cat, read a book, enjoy the warm atmosphere, and instantly remove the physical and mental fatigue of the whole day. Putting it in the wardrobe will not only reduce the moisture and musty smell, but also the clothes will be contaminated with fragrance unconsciously.

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Aromatherapy Machine Without Adding Water: Natural Diffuser, Let You Enter the Wonderland
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