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Aroma diffusers are Essential in a COVID-19 Winter Season

Aroma diffusers have become the hottest, most difficult to find, must-haves since paper towels, toilet paper and hand sanitizer. If COVID-19 cases continue to grow this winter, these products will become impossible to find.

Why? The virus that causes COVID-19 feeds off the dry air and low humidity. That describes most homes in the northern half of the country throughout the winter season. Insert a wood fireplace or wood stove for heat and viral particles are quickly like a house guest that never leaves. Aroma diffuser wholesale helps eliminate the dry air in your home, while also making it easier to sleep and breathe.

We are looking forward to continuing to expand our sustainability program in 2020! Please get in touch to learn more about the materials and incorporating them into your product line.

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Aroma diffusers are Essential in a COVID-19 Winter Season
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